Meet this amazing Hananese pup for sale in WOODVILLE, South Australia for sale

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Go ahead check this Out! Look how thier beautiful white coat
sparkles. And they are one in a million with thier
darling markings. One eye patch and a black tail!
How adorable they are? We realize all the little
things in life count, right from the start. They are
raised indoors, family nurtured, fed pro. natural
food, hugged, groomed and started with good house
manners. Which is definitely worth every moment we
spend with them. You will appreciate how it makes
the puppies transition into your home easier on
you and them. They are guaranteed to bring love
and laughter to thier new family! They will
be everything you expect out of a Havanese. It
will not be long and they will be your families
baby clown and cuddle friend. They are healthy.