Tefal Fresh Express mini food processor in WOODVILLE, South Australia for sale

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There is no better way to describe the idea beind Tefal?s new Fresh Express mini food processor other than brilliant! It?s like an old fashioned grater but quicker, cuter and much safer to use.
considering the amount of chopping and dicing and slicing I do in my kitchen, I thought I?d give it a try and, mostly, it didn?t disappoint. French made, Fresh Express is a real time-saver in the kitchen. Sliced cucumber slaw is ready in minutes, veggies for salads and soups are ready in no time and you can even slice onion for French onion soup tear-free! It grates cheese for pizza, potato for rosti, green mango for salads, cucumber for dips, zucchini for tempura without you ever running the risk of grating your fingers, which is always a plus! Having said that, some of the jucier fruit and veg tend to turn a little mushy on the finer attachments, but that?s fairly predictable even with a regular grater ? I?ve tried green mango and cucumber on both.
It's good as new and in the box and it is good for someone special as a kitchen christmas's gift.
reson I am selling to tidy the things I have two.
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